phil and cherrie

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Yes, 20 years of marriage, and were still TOGETHER.  Sorry Denis, not this time!

This picture was taken back in probably 93′ @ the NTCC serviceman’s home in Killeen, TX.  Man, I really miss the days when young Christians still had their innocence, and a smile was an expression which came from deep within the heart formed by their marital bliss and the joy of serving the Lord.  What happened to that?  It truly saddens my heart to see men and women in their early 20′s so full of hate, and confusion.  What ever happened to seeing someone smile after feeling the joy radiating from others, especially new Converts; that’s priceless.  I just can’t seem to find it in any of the churches anymore.  This is what a young, vibrant Christian couple should look like; just full of joy, and that’s we were, and that’s what you should be.




My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it’s time to “Break those chains” that have bound you for so very long.  I’m not talking about the chains of sin, shame and greed, but the chains of religion, complacency and doubt.

HOPCC has made it very clear that they will do whatever it takes to keep members, gagged, blindfolded, and unaware of their surroundings and void of any hope outside of “Their church.” I am pleading with you to take your own selves into consideration for once in your life (not your contacts, not your pastor, not your church), and do what is right for your family before it’s too late.

As Christians, we believe that it is always the right thing to do when it comes to “Giving,” but when will you see that you have given “ENOUGH”….of yourself and your family to a cause that cares nothing of your livelihood, wellbeing, finances, and personal endeavors?

I admonish you to “Rise up” to the occasion, and take back what was stolen from you (peace, hope, joy, newness and the truth both secretly, unknowingly and flat out openly).

                                                   Sincerely,  Rev. P.A. Bowers


Disclaimer (of a sort): Upon reading the information on this site, be forewarned that, though it may sound farfetched, there is nothing further from the truth.  I have stopped and started this site a few times, and not because I feel “Bad” about what I’m doing (though you may think I should), but because it was costing me a lot of time and money (more time than money), and I didn’t see the results that I was expecting.  As I pondered what to do next, I decided to make some changes, as you will soon see in the coming weeks (if you are a return visitor).  I did realize that it was selfish of me to discontinue what I started, because I firmly believe that people need this more now than ever.

Note: Every one of you has some opinion or thought about the church and myself; which I would say is normal.  While some may disagree or misunderstand what I am trying to communicate on this site (in reference to HOPCC), others will know exactly what I’m attempting to communicate.

Please don’t be afraid to talk with me if you need or want to, I don’t bite. I’m not the unconcerned, worthless, disobedient person that the church repeatedly tried to make me out to be, never was. I have recently been in touch with members and fellow ministers from yesteryear and oh the stories that they have to tell.  I must say though, that it was refreshing hearing from them, and I thank each of you for sharing your personal story with me, and for still being a Christian after the whole ordeal.   Be encouraged Brother and Sister, there is still hope for you and your family.

Everyone has a different reason to contact me.  While some just want to tell of their experiences, others want to know about friends who have left the church, never to be heard of again, but there are a few who are confrontational (more than likely those who are still in HOPCC/Assembly of prayer).  The bottom line is, I’m available.

If you are trying to trap me with my own words (you know who you are), it won’t work.  If you are a current member trying to start trouble, it won’t work, I already started it.  If you try to convince me that HOPCC is not a CULT! It won’t work.  I’m letting any and all of you know that I am not afraid of anyone in HOPCC, and you shouldn’t be either (they came against and sneered at Jesus also).  I said that because the members are scared of their pastor.

If you left me a personal message, please give me a day or two to respond and don’t think that because I haven’t called to talk to you in a bit that there is some kind of unseen tension, because there isn’t (don’t let the devil lie to you).  Nonetheless,      I’m Baaack! And this time I won’t be going anywhere for quite some time.

dashed dreams.

So, you thought I was out the game? THINK AGAIN! Your lies, cover-ups, plots, schemes, and scams, that left my wife and I for dead. I have to hand it to you, the way that you did it made everyone think that we were horrible, unthankful, and inconsiderate people, who just walked away from the ministry to go indulge in sin. You thought that I was just going to lay down and say nothing just like the countless others that you’ve chased off, and made to look like heathens in front of your cronies. But now I KNOW THE TRUTH why so many left; you chased them off.  You may have pulled  a fast one and you may have the people thinking indifferently toward us,  but rest assure, the things that are hidden from man’s eyes, are surely not hidden from God.  And now the world will know the truth, the truth about Denis, (AKA Deity Denis) and his hoard of “Hand picked  pastors.” These include Willaim Pilkington  (AKA Will-I-AM), Joshuah Heitzman (AKA Home-heist-man), Jeffery Figueroa (AKA fibbing Figueroa) and last but not least, Jeff Derby (AKA Dirty Derby). Though many still call these men “Preachers” and “Pastors,” I call them false brethren, and as you read this site and listen to the audio clips that I have prepared, I believe you will agree.



This site is pertains to a particular church, a church that I Reverend P.A. Bowers attended as an associate pastor for seven years of my life. Years that I will never, ever get back, years that were practically wasted on trying to juggle church, home life, and my own salvation with a disorganization known as House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC), or Assembly of Prayer Christian Church in various locations. Just so there is no mix up, I’m talking about the church that is currently based out of Hinesville, Georgia, pioneered by Ron Denis and is the offshoot of NTCC.  Need more clarification? The church is located at 2540 Airport Road, Hinesville, Georgia.

This is not a test and this is not a joke; real people are getting hurt (right in the church).  At first glance, people who attend one of these churches think they can’t go wrong with the biblical structure, fellowship, and countless, needless, repetitious, spiritless prayer meetings.  However, after months and years, they realize that the “truth” haschallengesn’t made them free, but on the contrary, they are now bound forever by twisted, rested scriptures that the pestor (pastor) uses to bind them.  At first, it’s great, “I just got saved!” “I just moved in the serviceman’s home!” “I’m heaven bound!”  But the newness quickly wears off when you realize that after you’ve totally obligated and dedicated yourself to what you think is “Christ,” you come to find out that you’ve been duped into the servitude of the pastor. You might be thinking, “how is it possible for someone to go to a church for years, and not realize that something is wrong?”

We got kicked, out of the HOPPC/Assembly of Prayer/Prayer Force disorganization on April 05 2012, over a year ago. Yes, I am still hurt by the whole thing, but quickly recovering.  No, I won’t dare say that I am at one hundred percent, but with God’s help, I will get there and then some.

FYI, I’m not writing all this to get back at them because of what they did to my wife and I, However, this is for those who would like to hear the truth of what really has been going on in the HOPCC churches.  Please don’t end up like myself and others who have fallen to Denis the menace.Danger_Enter_At_Your_Own_Risk

Here you will find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You will learn why no one was allowed to contact me, why I just disappeared with no explanation, why the pastor would never directly answer any questions about our whereabouts, and the ulterior motives that these pastors have for their members.

Listen up and listen good, because these are nothing but the facts, no third person hearsay, no, “I think he said,” no, “I heard one time,” these are things that I really seen take place.  Believe what you want, think what you want and do what you want with this, it’s up to you, it’s your life, but remember, you only have one to live.

CHAINIt’s been over 12 months since I set foot in one of their churches, and with no regrets I might add.  I know that the people are hurting, because we keep having dreams about them, and they keep coming up in prayer, and they just look so miserable when we see them.  Believe me, I did this for 20 years total (between two disorganizations with the same garbage), and none of this has been easy.  I already lost friends from the NTCC split and now it’s happened again.  It’s very difficult to even live normally anymore because of these scenarios replaying over and over in my head, all the painful moments make the good times look insignificantly minute.

It is very early in the morning, I just couldn’t sleep, I had to begin typing this and make it public.  I don’t really understand why I had to be the one to go through this, but I did.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who has suffered at the hands of such hardships. They took everything from me in one quick swipe; my character, dignity, ministry, hope, joy, trust, future home, vehicle, finances, everything!  Think I’m making this up?  Think I’m making this bigger than it really is? We’ll see what you say when it happens to you!


  Wolf In Sheep’s  Clothing

diver They look at the sheep (members) as thought they are stupid and will reference how dumb that sheep are and how they need a shepherd.  And indeed, you are stupid for allowing such conduct to go unchallenged.  If a pestor at HOPCC sees how “stupid” you are, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s feasting time for him. This church is the worst of the worst because the members know how the pestor is; how he lies, sets them up, and gives poor advice, but yet, they continue giving their full undivided attention year after year. This is the equivalent of a wolf taking off its sheep costume, and parading himself right in the open, with the real sheep accepting him as one of them.  Meanwhile, he picks them off one by one, and the only response that the sheep give is a look of curiosity, and confusion.  At this point, the sheep (church member), deem it best to do anything that they can to please the wolf, by sacrificing themselves (for the ministry) and their children.


sheep-with-shepherdThis church always fails to understand that a sheep gives milk, wool, creates an obligation (ministry) and demands care attention and love, not, harshness and “obey or else!”  The sheep only follows the shepherd if they know and trust him, so clearly there is something wrong with a sheep (member) who follows, but doesn’t trust or believe in the shepherd (pastor).  The sheep looks to the shepherd for proper grooming, and inspection (in case of disease or malnutrition).  However, the shepherd can’t force feed a sheep, or make it drink once lead to the water.  There’s even a time when sheep are used for food! That’s when the pestor turns to a wolf and begins to “Prey” on them, instead of “Pray” for them.  The staff (bible) isn’t used to beat or pulverize a sheep into subjection for its subversive behavior.  But the staff is used for a gentle prodding, guiding the sheep in the right direction.  I must say, this whole thing reminds me of a movement called The “Shepherding Movement” Click Here! to learn more about this movement.

The above pictures show 900 Bellaire Dr. Killen, Texas, the house that that my wife and I were in the process of establishing ownership of.  These pictures don’t do the house justice, but clearly you can see that it was completely renovated, and designed by an architect.  I mean really, what common folks do you know that has a toilet, over sized tub, double sinks, and a urinal in their master bedrooms bathroom? I would have know one person, but I guess someone else decided that since they had more money and credit that they deserved it more than the preacher who God was trying to bless.  Most of my pictures were too large to upload, but I did manage some key ones that show the for sale sign, and my wife and I in the empty house.

There’s a lot that you can’t see from the pictures but, the main reason why Denis wanted this house was because out back, there were to house/sheds that were two story with full bathrooms, kitchens, water, and electricity; the perfect place for a serviceman’s home.  On top of that, it had an additional storage shed. 

We were having a few issues so it was taking a little longer than expected.  The issues were; I was getting paid by the church, but the church would not provide me a 1099 form (which shows that I’m an employee and that taxes are being taken out).  The realtor said that I needed to start getting checks instead of cash, because cash cannot be traced.  And boy did this make Denis and Pilkington furious, I wonder why?  Denis tried to say that we as full time ministers, are contractors and should file our own taxes.  Now what kind of contractor is given a work and time schedule by the local church pastor?  Denis knew all along that this would cause issues when trying to get the house, and he kept asking my wife, “did you get approved?”

004-768x1024The man in the picture is Joshuah Heitzman, the pestor of the second church in Killeen Texas. He was also a co-conspirator along with Pilkington, and Boles. They knew that Heitzman, ordered by Denis, had purchased the house, and said nothing about it for months.  Afterwards, we realized why they had been acting so strange around us; just downright fidgety and suspicious.  Pilkington would just stare strangely at me every time I spoke with one of the members.  I would look over and he’d keep starring looking all crazy and what not.  I now understand why; because he and Denis has a secret plan to get rid of us, and the devil had been steadily feeding him lies about me.  Heitzman may or may not have know that I would be kicked out, but he couldn’t even look me in the eyes and speak.  It was because they all held the secret for months that we didn’t get the house; but they knew who did!

To anyone reading this, do yourself a favor and don’t invite these people into your home and don’t tell them anything about yourself, because it will come of no good.  After I took them to the house, showed them around, and received assurance that Boles (the ex-pastor of the California Oceanside church in NTCC, and ex-husband of Julie Boles), would be more than willing to help with any and all repairs/upgrades.  I should have known better, it was all orchestrated by Denis, and more than likely, Boles was made to agree.  True to his word, he did all the upgrades on the house; only one problem though, it wasn’t for us and we’d never see any of it.  These foolish men had the audacity to go behind my back, as if GOD wasn’t watching the whole thing.  Even if we should choose to make our bed in hell, the Lord will be there.  And you can always ask the blind man, because he saw it all!

Deuteronomy 5:21 Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbour’s wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbour’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

IN OTHER WORDS: Covet not your neighbors (brothers) field, wife, house or any thing that belongs to him.  Judge, how do you read the verdict on the charge of taking the brothers property? “Guilty,” On the charge of desiring the brothers wife and plotting to destroy his marriage. “Guilty,” On the charge of acquiring the brothers house.  “Guilty,” On the charge of misuse of Gods servants.  “Guilty.” I find Denis and his HOPCC disorganization guilty of all of the above crimes of covetousness, greed, misuse, abuse and plotting.

Oh, and just in case you’ve ever wondered why Denis calls HOPCC a “Movement,” here’s why; If he’s not “Moving” you out of your house,” then he’s “Moving” you to another city and state to live.  Not to mention he’s “Moving” hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (your money), “Moving” the blame away from himself and into other people’s laps.  He’s “Moving” GI’s out of their barracks, and “Moving all teens to Hinesville (where he will marry them off and control them at an early age). Gee, I think about the only thing that hasn’t been moving, is “God.”  Well now you know!

This man has so many fooled into thinking that this is all the will and work of God.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; don’t let that man in your house.  Especially if you have 4+ bedrooms; him and the other men of gosh will have brothers living up in every single room before you can think to blink.  Then make you feel bad if you don’t cooperate in letting him take your house and move other people in.  Don’t be a sucker all your life!


Now, back to what I was saying about Home-heist-man.  This has got to be one of the worst double standards, because, it was the Heitzman’s who used their credit to help purchase the Expedition that we were driving around in. To bless us like that, then later obtain the house; what’s wrong with people? Whether he cared or not, It’s obvious this man was and still is afraid of Denis and went against his better judgement to stoop to such lows.  Sad thing is, come to find out, Denis had been doing this to people for years. Oh yes, I have the proof.

Unfortunately, I have to use some of the church members names for this next bit of proof. Just for the record I did and still do have the utmost respect for these brethren and their wives, even though they are still mixed up with HOPCC.  Once you see this, you will understand why there is not choice in the matter.  These things must be told if people are to WAKE UP!

herbs houseDoes the car look familiar? How about the house?

(“Click this!” Property Record Card) At first glance, everything seems to be normal and in place.  Now, take a look at the “grantor” and the “grantee” (to the left of the picture). Still nothing unusual? Well let me fill you in on a few things. Johnson purchased the house from James on 03 Apr 2008, OK, no big deal. But then Johnson sold the property to a Jeffery Derby on 22 Aug 2008. Can someone please explain why the house was sold four months later? Anyone? Well, it’s like this; brother Johnson purchased the house for he and his wife to live in, here we go again….  After seeing the house, Denis wanted it for the serviceman’s home in in Savannah, Georgia (Huff’s church).  I know this because he mentioned it one time while fellowshipping, how that Huff should have gotten that house and they should have taken the other. Little did I or anyone else know, just a few months later, this would come to fruition.
Therefore, after living there for a short duration, they paid Johnson off to acquire the property.  And who was the purchaser? None other than “dirty Derby,” Denis’ right hand man, and coincidentally, the one who was there to confiscate the Expedition that we were driving.

me casaThese people give a whole new meaning to, “My house is your house”

Need more proof? It’s now the serviceman home! How I came upon this interesting fact was; one day at fellowship meeting, some of us went to a restaurant and sister Johnson walked by, and one could tell that she was very sad in her soul for some reason. Denis yelled at her, and said, “no more throwing fits,” and a few other words. We didn’t understand what was going on until later when we got kicked out; I thought about it and began doing some digging. Sad thing is, that these are real good people, and they had already suffered for years under the hand of pestor Figueroa and his wife in San Diego. Oh, one more thing, guess where they moved them after the “forced” sale? To Heitzman’s house in Hinesville Ga. I will be putting more of this, in the “Downloads” section at a later date.

Wait just a minute, while were talking about “Houses,” we may as well talk about this one too.  Hey! that’s Denis’ house isn’t it, yup!  I wonder how much renovations in that house are actually by the book; and no I’m not talking about the “Bible book” that they use to excuse everything they do.  How you going to “Obey God,” but can’t do something simple like obey the tax and building laws of the land?”  I’ve got to tell you though, those brothers sure know how to lay it down on that landscape.  Oh, and that play ground, what a blessing it must be to have your own private swing set and slide as a child.  Must be interesting watching her play with the same three children, and her imaginary dog.  Where does your child play?  Let me guess, Denis’ unwanted, accidental child (That’s his own thoughts and words from his mouth) is to smart to play at a local playground with normal kids.  I don’t hate the man cause he has nice things for his family, I just hate how that he acquired them. He took advantage of people to not only get his personal house, but all the other property and money that he owns.   He continually kicks people out of their own homes to market them, but yet continually renovates his own; something is seriously wrong with that picture. SICKENING!  You really want to know what’s crazy though, many of the members could actually afford a really nice home and car but….they’d just rather keep giving it to Denis instead.   I just want to know who “Roy Denis” is, because though I never met the man, he owns the house that “Ron Denis” lives in.  See for yourself: (Just type in the last name, “Denis” and click the search button. “Click here for Liberty county recordsWhile you’re at it, may as well see what his cronies are doing; just type in their last name and see for yourself, since I’m such a big liar, and don’t know what HOPCC is really doing.  Keep in mind, these property are significant to Liberty county Ga. only God knows all of their other properties.  I have some for you, this just blew my mind how many houses and properties they own in Liberty county alone.  Once again, these pastors and members are locked in for life, “SUCKERS!” Liberty county housing PDF  (This contains just a few of the subjects Denis used, I assure you, there are more, and you’re probably one of them!)

001-768x1024And here were have  William Pilkington, the  pestor of the Killeen, Texas, Assembly of Prayer Christian Church. They decided to change their name because there is another local church with a similar name in the  area.  Killeen happens to be at the door step of the largest ARMY base, Fort, Hood.  This works great for the likes of Pilkington, because he has an inexhaustible supply of young GI’s, who he can easily manipulate into doing his, I mean the Lords work.  Every church that HOPCC has, is located near some sort of military installation.  Why is this you might ask? Because GI’s are a good source of steady income, are used to being told what to do, enjoy a sense of being accepted, and don’t have much going on in life, being single and all (according to Will).

If you know him, I advise you to do your best to stay clear of him.  Mr. “look at me, I pray always in the holy goat, I’m so spiritual it hurts, bring all your problems to me, or I’ll pry them out of you anyway, then I’ll put you on the spot, embarrass you, so I can make them worse, I could never be wrong, because I’m always right, Will-i-am Pilkington.”  What a title! If you know him, then you will surely know exactly what I’m talking about. Unlike Heitzman, he was also a pastor in NTCC, and as fate would have it, he was also a member of Denis’ church.  And yes, just like Denis, he also treats his wife like pure raw sewage. I’m sure Perfect Pilkington  felt good about himself when he told me to “GET LOST,” over the phone, while in front of the brothers and sisters.


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He received an ovation for making a trusted fellow preacher look like a disposable church member who wanted nothing to do with God.  When he asked all of them, “Who wants anything to do with the Bowers?” they all said in unison, “Not me.”  Spoken like a true pack of brainwashed, foolish, indecisive individuals.  But we shall see what they say in that day when they get tired of making them bricks for Pastor Pharaoh in the sun.  We’ll see who wants anything to do with me then.   But, you know me, I’ll help them when they contact me for help.  

brainwashDo as I say….OR ELSE!

 Pilkington is such a control freak that he even had the church members watching my every move, reporting anything that they seen.  How did I find this out, from him, but Figueroa did the exact same stupid thing.  He was talking to me after we left (because I’d been trying to help some of the members, but they wouldn’t listen), and he said that “Some of the members have said things to me about you.”  If that don’t take the cake, I don’t know what does.  Interesting though how that I was so bad, that he never said anything to me about it.  I know Figueroa also did this because several of the brothers told me, including my own brother-in-laws.  I will be doing a complete write-up on my experiences with this hypocritical, poor excuse for a pastor of a man and his ungodly, rude, thieving, complaining, trouble-making, angry wife.

blood handsThese men have a lot of blood on their hands and  rest assure that God will hold them accountable for the souls he intrusted them with; the souls that they miserably failed.  Pilkington has destroyed so many people throughout the years (come to think of it, all of the pastors have, and could care less), even to the point where many have wavered in their faith and gone back into sin.  He started out an alright guy, but alas, Denis and the devil got the best of him.  It’s crazy because even Denis mentioned to him, “Will, you used to be nice.” His wife was such a kindhearted person when I first met her, even though she’d already been put through the ringer, but through the years, even she managed to be corrupted with jealousy, and anger.  If interested, you can find more about Pilkington in the “downloads section,” after all, the “Pastor Pharaoh” book was written about him.


Which is worse, being hurt by a knife        or a church?


Both are painful

Both leave scars

Both leave casualties

Both are double edged

Both leave blood on hands

You know, one of the things that bothers me most about Pilkington, is that he could have had so many God loving and fearing members in the church, who believe it or not, would have even loved their pastor.  Unfortunately, he’s to busy being jealous, proud, and angry to truly love the people.  Instead of “members,” he has ended up with “re-members;” which are people who attended, but left.  So now, his church primarily consists of a bunch of people who want to quit serving God every other week (but they’ll never admit it), and gobs of people from the Hinesville Ga. church.  I guess he wants to take after daddy Denis who claims that God told him to be “Mean.”  Not my words, that was out of his own mouth.

Don’t believe me? Let him tell you!

(Click to play)

For those of you who don’t believe what I’m saying, listen to this actual “Home school teachers meeting.”  Let me bring you up to par; the teachers had taken the children on a field trip to the Dallas zoo on a Wednesday, (soul winning night) and the audio is from the teachers meeting that following weekend.  All along his agenda was to drop his bomb of demise, and belittlement, but he held it until the end of the “Important”  teachers meeting.  His issue was twofold, #1 no one called him while at the zoo to check in with him and #2 we all came in late for the soul winning meeting which began at 7:30 PM.  Now mind you, he could have called any number of us, at any given time. 

We got to the zoo at around noon time, and left after walking the whole zoo, and stopping for lunch while there, and stopped to eat while on the road.   Keep in mind the two and a half hour or so drive back.  Listen as he goes around the room with each of the sisters and interrogates them as to why they never bothered to call him.  After this, the sisters were upset, crying, angry and confused.  Needless to say that was the last trip to the zoo, ever.  This recording represents how he talks to all the members, all the time.   Bottom line, no one cared about, or respected him, that’s why they didn’t bother calling the control freak.  Oh, and sir, I’m ashamed of you!


WOW!   nO waY


UPDATE! – Pastor?!?! Jeff Figueroa, the leading cause of depression in San Diego California; this is where hell on earth began for my wife and I.  When after graduating bible college, I move to San Diego to begin my misery, I mean ministry, as a worker (dumbed down term given to a minister who wasn’t currently a pastor).   Let me assure you, we had no idea what we were getting into…..other than our supposed “New work.

It was September of 1999 when we first met at a conference and we were introduced to them along with some of the members.  We were young, vibrant and eager to learn at the feet of a veteran pastor.  I was 25 years old, in the prime of my life, ready to do something and anything for God; too bad he never recognized it.   As we would soon come to learn, and you will also see, that this man and his wife were not who they first appeared to be.

There was a so-called sister named “Racquel,” who we met at one of the gas stations while at conference.  We all said hi, and exchanged brief conversation, as we let them know we were on our way to California afterwards.  Well, she went and told all the ladies in the San Diego church that my wife was stuck up, and so when we finally arrived there, the reception was less than stellar.  The previous workers were leaving on really bad terms, they were very angry and stressed to say the least, a stress that I to would incur for years to come.  If you ever see this man, quickly walk away before he gets the chance to smooth talk you into attending church.

San Diego would be the very first time ever that I almost lost my wife.  We were both so stressed and depressed it was ridiculous.   At this point in time, I didn’t know much about the ministry, but I did know this wasn’t right, and I grew sick and tired of it all quickly.  This really makes me wonder, just how many people have forfeited their marriages, Christianity, and ministry because of these people?


IMG_0048-1024x768Bless you  sinner….. I mean  sister!

What ever grudge that she held, she made sure it stayed strong and secure; it didn’t matter if it was against a man, woman or child.  Yes, this is the woman that several of the members called “Ma’am,” instead of sister Figueroa…I think you know why.  Not a single person could be in her site for long, not even her husband could stand her; and that doesn’t speak well for the “Pastors wife” of a “Holiness church.”  No matter who you were, in her eyes, you we’re “Not right,” a “Sinner,” and a “Complainer;” go FIGure.  Don’t act as if you never heard Denis speaking about her during fellowship, or jacking her husband up because of the way that she constantly acted; evil.

His wife would constantly be at odds with every woman in the church, setting them up against their husbands, and children, knowing that she was untouchable by virtue of being the pastors wife, but God saw it all, and He still sees it.  He would stick up for her all the time as she breathed her fiery dragon breath upon the church, consuming all who would dare enter.  If you have ever met her, in five minutes you would know that I am telling the truth. 

He would get on this tangent talking about “There’s a skunk in the church,” though he never said who it was, I have an idea.  But of course, knowing this pestor, he was probably referring to ever other lady in the church, with his wife being the exception.  She would constantly gossip about my wife in front of the other ladies, and of course they couldn’t resist, so they joined in.  She had no respect at all, talking about my wife’s hair, clothes, said she was lazy, and blamed everything that could be blamed, on her.  Everyone else called my wife “Sister Bowers” but she insisted on calling her by her first name

keep out

Figueroa was so naive, thinking he was building a “Holy Ghost” church, when in fact, he was tearing down more than he was building up…..  I think his track record speaks for itself; Continually paid church rent late (this is where his smooth talking came into play), illegally converted a horse stable into a church (in a non-commercial zone which accumulated thousands upon thousands in fines), not to mention the property had a leech field that he didn’t know about and because there were too many people living in the home, it over flooded (Which shouldn’t have been there to begin with).  Great, so now for months on in, everyone coming to the church had to walk past grounds saturated with raw sewage. 

I think it represented well, what was going on in the church, “Stench.” Oh, and guess who had to dig up the grounds? If you guessed the “Brothers,” you’re correct.  And although they will try and say it was OK and for the work of the Lord, baloney.   Does anyone at this church even know how to differentiate what the work of the Lord is versus demeaning labor.  After finally realizing that this was a horrible idea, he began to rent another churches building in the area.  He’s been there in San Diego since the mid 90′s and still no church to call their own, Why?  Like I said, the track record speaks for itself.  Hint: instead of treating people like lesser citizens, try loving, nurturing them, and stop rebuking people every chance you get.

coollogo_com-32383337Additionally, this is the man who tells his members that “Even when the pastor is wrong, just be obedient and and do whatever he says, and God will bless you for it.”  Yes, the members actually believe this manipulative, mind-taming way of thinking.  So you mean to tell me; obey the pastor when he’s full of self, sin, not thinking correctly and continually executing poor judgment?  Where’s that at in the bible? And if you’re a member there in San Diego reading this, please don’t act all pious like this stuff isn’t true, because you’re still living under this umbrella with holes.  He preached about being “Holy” (righteous) but lived a “Holey” (full of holes) example of a life before the church.  No matter how he tries to write his legacy, in the end he wont have a legacy to stand on.  Though some may take this as me finding fault with him, you might want to consider reading your bible first, compare the living word with what I’m saying versus Figueroa’s ways, and you tell me if he’s fit to be a pastor or not! He always liked to say, “That’s what’s wrong with the church,” no sir, you’re what’s wrong with the church, there’s nothing wrong with the people, their just looking for a leader to get them to heaven, not someone to drive them to insanity.

Meanwhile….while I was at work, he would talk to my wife after prayer meetings about how proud that I was, a bunch of foolish talk, talk that only served one purpose, to tear down and divide.  He was a pro when it came to planting discord between husband and wife, and I guarantee you, that he hasn’t lost his touch.  In fact, after being put under Denis’ authority (the man who says his wife and daughter are spiritually and mentally in the basement), I’m sure his relationship with his wife hasn’t improved at all.  It’s interesting to note here that on several occasions, even Denis tried to help him with his wife, but to no avail, she even made the apostate, I mean “Apostle” tap out.  Denis mentioned, and even bragged (Mr. I’m not bragging) in front of everyone at fellowship that in “Two years,” he would change Lisa Marie Figueroa…..into what? Because you and I both know its been over 7 years and no change for the better.  You can sweep and clean all you want, the demons have returned.

There’s a lot of people who know “Pastor Fig,” but for the wrong reasons; not because they found a pastor, true man of God, friend or confidant, but he is indeed well remembered and talked about as quite the opposite.  He just didn’t get it, people would come to that church in “Droves,” but he “drove” them right out.  Before they would even get to learning about God real good, they were disposed to his false motivational speeches, and ultra pushy tactics.  Believe me when I say, there’s a lot of people who absolutely despise this man for breaking up their families, and his wife was one of them.  Truth is, she hates him, and even tried to leave the church on many occasions.  Say it aint so, I could, but it is.  Sometimes it was “Hush, hush,” and other times they would just act a fool in front of everyone.  He had to pep talk her on a weekly basis just to get her to shut her mouth, leave people alone, and stop being rebellious towards him.  When will people learn, “You can’t tame them demons.”  Yep, the pastors wife! But in the end, after the split, that’s what all of his children did to him, “Split.”  He was still a pastor, for what reason, I know now, because the bible clearly says that a bishop must be blameless and must be one who rules well his own house.   If you can’t take care of your own family, then how came you to rule God’s house?

FEED MEDinner Plate, Knife, and ForkMORE!

After the “NTCC” split he was one of the main people feeding Denis a bunch of garbage about me, because Denis didn’t even know who I was before then.  That trash stunk, but yet stuck on my name, and followed me around forever in the ministry.  No one had respect for me, because of this man’s ability to destroy every single attempt that I had to make a first impression.  Why didn’t I do something about it?  The same reason you didn’t.  Actually for many years, I didn’t even know, and it wasn’t until we started fellowshipping at Denis’ house during conferences that Denis spilled the beans.  He wanted to know things about me, and stated the things that Figueroa was saying about me, and in that, he wanted me to tell on him.  I never said a thing, but Figueroa had to bare his shame.   I have several years of info that can be said here, but obviously I wouldn’t get anything else done on this site.  This tidbit of information is just for starters, but as I promised, here it is!  That’s all for the moment on the “Home” page.  This is but a glimpse of what goes on in HOPCC, but continue to check the “downloads” section for weekly downloads and in-depth exposure of this wicked, undercover regime.

TRUE-FALSEAfter reading and more than likely hearing so many things about House Of Prayer Christian Church/Assembly Of Prayer Christian Church, one has to ask the question; “Is this stuff for real?”  I will put it to you like this; either this is the best fabrication in history, or all of it’s true.  Because when presented with infallible proofs, the truth shows itself to be very evident.  There really is no in between when it comes to the truth.  It gets no more “Cut and dry” than this.  Although I must add, that it’s a shame that I have to write such things about a church and its leaders, when I could be promoting, and praising them for their character and spirituality instead.   However, we can’t have things such as Holy Ghost filled revivals, mass healing and conversion when there is a constant supply of wickedness in the church, especially at the top.  No doubt, people can still get saved in HOPCC, because that’s just what God does, but eventually, salvation, joy, hope and peace will all fizzle out and dissipate to a great BIG NOTHING! 

Now my question to you is: if you’re still a member of this church after agreeing with me on too many accounts to keep track of, then why are you still attending this church?  Think about it, these preachers just shrugged their shoulders at my excommunication (a preacher with 13 + years in the ministry, not including bible college and attendance as a member), with no explanation or justification needed, no challenge proposed, no biblical basis discussed, no prayer, and no conscience.  Truth is, ask these pastors individually and they will say, “Ask the Pastor,” “I don’t know,” “You been on that internet again,” or “He wasn’t right,” but who will explain exactly what happened to us? No one.  Wake up people this is what you’re a part of, and if they did this to me, what makes you any different?  “How long will YOU halt between two opinions.”  Is this the work of “God” or the work of “Man?”  You know that you’ve not only questioned your pastor too many times to count, but you even questioned his constant poor advice and other motives. 

For those who knew me personally, ask yourself these questions; was my wife and I good to you and your family or not?  Did we ever do you dirty?  Did we purposely embarrass you every chance we got?  Did you ever feel as though we hated you, or just feel down right unapproachable?  Now does all of the junk they said about my character in years past, and the foolish reasons as to why we left the church even add up?  No it doesn’t, therefore when are you going to stop letting these men rule over your life with made up trash about us and twisted scriptures.  Once again, it’s your life, I can’t live it for you, but I can tell you this, it gets so much better when you get away from HOPCC and really begin to trust in God.   Trust me, the sun will shine brighter than it had in a very long time, you will lose that miserable feeling that you always have, depression is cured, indecisiveness is gone, and for once in your life, you will have a true freedom in Jesus Christ.  I love you all, each and every one of you, yes even the pastors, but something has to change, people can’t continue to go to church years on in being unfulfilled, and when it’s said and done, they find themselves in hell.  I’m here to help.



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  1. I just wanted to give a shout out to some of the brothers at HOPCC in San Diego Brother: Sal, Trent, Joe and Danny. I know you prayed for me while in the church and just wanted you to know I’m praying for you. I pray that you get a chance to read this site and walk out of the realm of failure and despair and into the arena of success with Jesus leading the way. I pray that no man or pests can stand in the way of your personal relationship with Our Lord and Savior and that you are truely free in Christ Jesus, Amen

  2. I wish to be left anonymous, but I went to school with kids from that church. I have experienced things from them and their parents. Things that showed me how deceptive they can be. I found this site by searching House of Prayer, just out of curiosity. And I am astonished at what I have found. My question to you is this: When you think back on the past and it bothers you, makes you angry, have you really forgiven? You went through a horrible experience, but are you not of God???? They did you wrong and we all know it. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing!!! That is clear. You say you are here to forwarn and be a place where experiences can be shared and people can heal. But from what I have read it is just a bunch of negative words, and please, I mean that in the most tactful way possible. You create a website blasting words of negativity, though it may be true, it is obvious that some of you are still hurt. And that is quite understandable. You say this is for people to heal, but where is God in this?? Where is Christ? Is God not able to heal?? Why would He, the Creator, Almighty God, need you to publish a website posting all of your anger and hurt and then proclaim that He has healed you?? How is that healing when you still look back on the past? And we all know that as children of God we need to forgive others. The Bible states that if we do not forgive God will NOT forgive us. Forgiving doesn’t mean that we have to go back, it just means that we have forgotten it, let go. Even if the offender hasn’t apologized. As Christ, our Lord, was dying the words out of His mouth were, “Father, forgive them.” Even though those who were killing Him were not sorry. Just as in our case, he was betrayed and brought to death, not by the Romans, but by His own people. Religious people… Church people. And are we not of Christ?! I wrote this not to argue or lecture, I am in no position anyways. Most of you probably wouldn’t give me a second glance if this were in a different place, as I am somebody of no importance. But reading this saddened my heart and burdened me. I am only a Christian who is pleaing with fellow Christians to forgive and let go.

    God is a mighty God. Why would He need our help? There are many other false teachers out there. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness.. And there are many people esnared in those beliefs. God does not need us to speak for Him. Granted, He does work through us and use us. But His works are of peace, love, forgiveness, kindness, meekness… Even to His enemies and wrong doers. To be honest, completely honest, nothing on this site shows peace, love and forgiveness.. At least not to your enemy? Just as Jesus said, “For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the publicans the same”

    I do not even expect anyone to listen to me in fact most of you may get a bit upset at my post. But my prayer is that God may soften your hearts. At least one person. We know what they did was wrong. But is not God greater?

    • Well you sure have a lot of questions, which I could easily reply to. I could also point out your complete lack of biblical knowledge/usage, your lack of understanding of my love and forgiveness towards both God and the people. I could also go on and on about how you totally missed the objective of this site and your complete lack of understanding as to my feelings, emotions. But my one single question to you is this; what made you search for HOPCC on the internet? Surely you weren’t going to the HOPCC web site that they don’t want anyone to know about. Friend, this is more, much more than my feelings being hurt and me holding a grudge towards Denis for the rest of my life. God is not mocked, you just keep thinking and listening to them when they tell you this is not of God and everyone who leaves the church is of the devil and going to hell. I suggest that you read the rest of the site first of all, pray about it, then make a more sane decision as to what goes on here. Maybe when years down the road you, your family or friends get kicked out, and Denis and your pastor cover it up, then we’ll see whats what, until then, grab the wheel of your own life cause your getting steered in the wrong direction. Everyone seems to want to pray for my error, misguidance, and bitterness, but yet, no one want to say; “Lord, is it I that have missed the mark?” And believe me sir or ma’am people who leave that place you insist on calling a church, are healing faster than you ever will with your mind so clouded with error, misconceptions and lies, it’s no wonder why so many end up here on the internet looking for answers; Oh, I’m sorry, their just looking to see what people think about their wonderful church. Anyway, best not come back on here since this site is a pure lie, and straight gossip (per Denis). Please, I really hope you see the foolishness that you have believed for so long. Oh, and by the way, Denis also said that anyone who comes on this site is going to get kicked out! That means you and anyone else who comes on here from HOPCC. Therefore, you’re either doomed to excommunication, or you continue sinning by virtue of disobedience when you continually return to this site. Seriously!

    • I agree God is greater and what you are saying sounds good from your perspective, but what good is it to sound good only to miss the entire point. There are good people in Hopcc who have families who love them and friends who care. These church members are being brainwashed and abused by people who prey on there kindness, trust, and love for The Lord. And in the end when these poor souls give all they have to these lying, thieving, swindlers their left picking up the pieces that no one should ever have to go through while seeking out God! This is good valuable information which speaks nothing but the truth and being informed could save you or someone you love from being victimized by these corrupted so called men of God. The target is focused on exposing the light on Denis and Company (pesters) or Denco

  3. I just recently got kicked out of the savannah assembly of prayer by Pastor Huff. I’ve been attending for several months now and have been miserable after the first few months. When I first started coming everything seemed great. Seemed like everyone cared and loved you until you stick around for a while and find out their true colors. I always wanted to leave but they would make it seem like I was going to hell if I left or that God would take me out & Pastor even told me I would end up in a straight jacket in a crazy home. I think those were all tactics to keep me from leaving. They made me turn on my family, I felt brain washed! But I’m glad he kicked me out. I feel free now. I always thought I wanted to be there because I really want God & they really do preach the Bible but it was some always fishy about them. I knew it was too good to be true!

    • My goodness, you were not even there a year and #1 they kicked you out, #2 You were miserable #3 You figured out their true intents #4 Turned you against your family. Who ever you are, I’m glad that you are out of there. It’s also interesting to note that you’re going to go mad (even at the thought of leaving the church), die and go to hell and have the judgement of God upon your head for the rest of your natural life if you leave. However, if you get kicked out….then what? Does all of that rubbish apply then, of is it just when YOU! up and leave the church turned cult? Oh let me guess, Huff is a man of gosh, so therefore the Lord told him to kick you out for your disobedience to the pastor, I mean God. Is anyone else confused about all of this? I know that HOPCC is.

    • Consider it a blessing from God. Being kicked out of Denco (HOPCC) will save you time, money, and a lot of mental stress. I wouldn’t take it personally they probably see that your a person who can think for themself and would rather not take a chance of you influencing those who are bound in their straight jackets of abuse and insanity. (Better to let one go then infect the rest with freedom in Christ.) Reminds me of Galatians 5:9. Anyway if you think something (fishy) or strange is going on go with it cause most likely there is. And according to all the post on this site and others you would be making a wise choice to find another church to go to and fellowship with. God bless and peace out.

  4. They have a website now: in response to this one. it looks like all of the comments and articles have the purpose of legitimitizing HOPCC. I thought the internet was of Satan?!

    • Actually they have several web site, none of which they designed, or have any idea as to the authors whereabouts. And of course if you ask any of the pastors, I guarantee that there will be silence in the land, or they will say they don’t know who put that web site up have no idea where any of those pictures came from. Yea! sounds about right. But yet they tell people who leave the church, that this site is not of God, and that if HOPCC is not of God then just let God deal with it (and He is). Let’s recap; everything on this site is a complete lie, but yet, they have a web site that none of the members even know about,and none of the pastors even care to talk about. Once again, mass confusion. If you as a member asks your pastor about the HOPCC web site, be prepared for an on the spot improvisation, rebuke, and possible excommunication. Or you could just simply be a jerk about the whole thing and tell everyone in the church about how the new HOPCC web site is a blessing and they should look on there; but you didn’t hear that from me.

      • I’ve actually considered the latter option,but i don’t neccessarily want all of the things you mentioned to take place.I’ve looked up the NTCC exer’s sites and i see many similar things. i also notice that the site didn’t come up until this site was here. i’m praying that God makes a way out, or exposes these people openly,and not just on the internet.

  5. I got a call from one of the brothers from Hop and as usual I was told that every service that I missed was a blessing and I needed to get right with God. And save your money for conference cause God will bless me for going. I said: couldn’t the church have a conference in S.D and bless without having to travel and stuff? I was starting to get annoyed with the condemning and all to familiar call and found myself getting upset. So brought up this website and told him about the pictures of pastor fig. And his wife and asked if he new the Bowers and the Retenas and he said yes. I told him how I felt about the church and I wouldn’t be attending anymore services. I told him I would go IF he would read this website and he said: No deal! I asked don’t you wanna know why they left or read what they have to say? And all he could say is I remember when they said good things. He doesn’t even wanna know or doesn’t even care what happen to you. He said he will pray that I get my mind straightened out. Lol I told him I’ll pray that your mind gets straightened out! Common sense and good judgement seems to be a quality hop either strips away from you or a quality they look for. With that said it should be a major insult to be pursued by this Church. Do I have sucker stamped across my forehead!

  6. I have something free to give to everyone who comes to this site, but first, you must donate all of your money, pass out cards to people and encourage them to logon and do the same. But you can’t get mad at me or suspicious of me when I tell you to give more after I changed my mind about giving freely to you. How does that sound? If you though words like sucker, foolish, and “I don’t think so,” sound about right, they should.

    I find it amazing how that some members bring in a monthly income between $4,000-$10,000 per month, yes, per month (you do the math: disability, GI Bill, SSI, care giver) and yet drive a used car, don’t own a home of their own (that they are allowed to live in), are not allowed to eat out for dinner, wear old clothes, have nothing in their household to comfort their disability and so on. But yet, these exact same members ARE allowed to give all of their money to the church even to the point where they come up short for cash in their own personal expenses.…need I say more.

    But unfortunately, what HOPCC is doing, is widely accepted as a “Work of God.” People, don’t let Denis talk you into believing that he and others are men of God, because once you admit to it, then anything you do afterwards will be conveniently used towards your demise. Christ freely gives salvation, and righteousness, and yet HOPCC binds people with guilt, shame, self-righteousness and mediocrities. Every single member that I know in HOPCC is broke both financially, and mentally, even to the point where sane decisions are a thing of the past and reasoning is out of the question. So my question is, how long will you continue to do this? My suggestion would be to take your family and money elsewhere, get as far away from this church as possible, and take a two week vacation, pampering yourself with the finest things that YOUR money can buy. Go stay in a $200-$400 a night hotel, and I say why not, Denis already does it with your money.

  7. Sister _______(you fill in the blank, you know who you are), you have nothing to be afraid of, everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why would you continue to stay there? Just leave. Yes you will be scared and there will be fear but the bible says perfect love casts out all fear. God has empowered you, you are his greatest creation, you are inscribed on the palm of his hand and he loves you with an everlasting love.
    All of that pain your having in your body will dissipate once you leave hopcc/assembly of prayer. All the people you think that are your friends will forsake you, it does not matter what they tell you because of the voodoo spell/trance that Denis has over the people. God does not put people under a trance controlling a whole congregation to do whatever he tells them to do, he made us free will agents. You have to think, most people don’t think. You will question yourself, did I do the right thing? (YES) Am I going to lose all my friends?(YES) Am I going to Hell? (NO) Am I going to be a lesbian? (NO) They did so much for me (NO) God did much for you he gets the glory and not man even though man is trying to steal it. All these things they do and say are only fear tactics to keep you there but you can be free and you are free you just have to accept the freedom that God has given you and walk away and never look back!

  8. Looks like this site has caused a lot of attention from Hopcc. Seeing how they created a few websites of their own

  9. My wife and I were talking and she recalled when Denis had called her and mentioned that she “Hurt him.” Hurt him? Please after all that he’s done to people and their families. The whole deal was that she stopped calling and communicating with him. All the personal questions got very old, very fast, especially when I was out the picture,and he was trying to win her heart to him. Ever happen to anyone else out there? Fake tears, fake love, but you’ll find out who he really is if you cross him.

    He and Pilkington have said on many occasion that she is a chosen vessel of the Lord, but yet, they treated us like that, interesting. But I recon that goes right along with when Denis said (repeatedly) that he had not listened to God when he told him to do certain things. But I guess I was the only one there in those times of fellowship also because his cronies continue to declare that every single part of this site is a lie.

    He was hurt because they were trying to separate my wife and I, but it didn’t work. When after he kicked us out, he tried a last attempt; saying to my wife, “You going to go with him, you going to follow him?” She said yes, then he said, “You might as well, you have this long.” But that was before he went down the list of everything bad about me he could think of, make up, lie about and make supposition of. And after he realized that his hypnotic effect, and false brother disguise wore off, he finally shut up.
    As a last ditch effort he would have a meeting with all the church members the next day and feel their minds with lies (which some are still foolish enough to believe even now) about my wife and I being so unthankful, proud…you know the deal by now…and blah, blah, blah. One word comes to mind here; “Jerk.” If anyone has ever heard that speech before, that usually means your about to get kicked out, and or divorced, or left for dead.

  10. I too would also like everyone to know that Bryan and I are still together we have been attending a few churches praying for God to lead us . We have been trying to get back to a normal healthy life where God leads not man dictating our every move …

  11. Just to bring back some the key points before the website shut down:
    -The business,entity or vacation spot (it’s not a church) in Miami Beach, FL with names of people involved,

    - People Helping People Group LLC/ PHP (their real estate empire). The DOD document can be seen on the downloads page with the sub companies.

    - PHP/House of Prayer shares the same address:

    - Ron Denis supposedly died back in 1989 after he was according to the Social Security Administration,

    • So what is the deal with all the homes listed under each name? Do those folks actually own those homes and make money from them? Or does the “church” own them and just use the people’s names? Wow every name I put in owns at least a few properties….crazy.

    • I also remember that Bro. Retana said that supposely Ron Denis’ real name Ernande Dieujuste. According to which is based upon United States Public Records, he has a few different names out there: Ernande D Dieujuste, Ernande Denis, Ronnie Dennis. How is he using that same SSN if it is stored in the SSA death index? There is differently an identity issue with this man.

      • At this point in time, I really don’t think that Denis even knows who he is himself, which makes since cause all the pastors suffer from an identity crisis. That whole persona of pretending to be something else (a Christian) fits very well in this disorganization. Even though a death may have been faked, not sure, but God will judge all of these men for destroying his people, and I personally believe that a physical death will occur upon some, if not all of these muck wallowing pastors. I know too many of the members who are suffering from physical, and mental ailments due to Denis’ corrupt occult ministry, and this plague will eventually engulf every and anyone who is associated with HOPCC. In HOPCC, the longer you stay, the worse you get, period.

  12. Just for the record:
    An offering is something that is offered. When someone “Takes up” an offering, they are essentially receiving freely that which was freely given. There are two parts to a church offering: #1 Someone must give. #2 Someone must receive. An offering ceases to be as such when the nature of it becomes that of “Demanding.” Once one begins to beg, plead, and implement the idea of “Guilt for not giving,” then it becomes a sales pitch and a marketing campaign. And lets face the facts, designing a campaign to make people feel guilty about the financial needs in the church has been a well used tactic by pastors; cause it works extremely well.

    “Businesses” regularly employ high pressure sales tactics in order to get, and keep customers. A common method known as “Cold calling;” which is when a sales rep calls random or potential customs, and once contacted, the sales pitch and high pressure sales tactics begin.

    For example, the sales pitch of: It’s no coincidence we met today! How about you give me your phone and address info so we can stay in contact! For example, the high pressure sales: We call and check on you so much cause we care! We are the only church going to heaven! The bible says to pray without ceasing, therefore you need to be in prayer meeting! These two tactics always go hand and hand, and they always produce results. Why do you think HOPCC implements so many scheduled soul winning events? I equate this to their soul winning because there is no care, or concern for the individual. A “Contact” is only needed for prestige: Look at me, I brought someone to church today. Finances: tithe and offering.

    In the business world, making a sale is always a good thing, but making a long term customer (member), is even better because it equates to more money and prestige. I hate to say it, no I don’t, but HOPCC “Contacts” are nothing more than “Customers,” people who shop regularly and buy often. While established members are nothing more than “Employees,” those who meet, greet and cheat customers out of their livelihood.

    Denis has mastered his church turned business, (CTB for short) so well, that he is now at liberty to “Hire and fire,” personnel at will. I’ll prove it; a business has an “At will” (Pilkington) policy, which means an employee can be dismissed by an employer, for any reason, at any time. Does that sound familiar? You bet it does. I’m here to tell you, there are cut backs, and people will be “Fired” for not giving everything they have to DenCO (Denis company).

  13. God gave me this scripture shortly after i left hopcc and its very true describing denis and his false preacher.

    MATTHEW 7:15-23
    15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    • I just read about your experience at hop and wow! That’s really upsetting and in your face disrespectful. Those pastors are horrible and I 100% believe you about the Q & A incident with pastor. I know how important these fellowship meetings are to them and stuff but that’s just demented and sick! And for them to ask for your disability check and know when it’s coming is just so in your face greedy and rude. I hope people read all this stuff and hope pastor bowers keeps this site up. I hope Gods blessing you and I think I know who you are

      • I know one thing is for sure. If you ask them where the money (tithes and offering) is going towards, you WILL a rebuking and maybe the boot from the HOPCC/AOPCC/PHP. I actually experienced that before where the church was behind on bills (like 2 or 3 months) and had a lot of overhead. I asked the pastor, “What are you doing with the money” or a similar question. He got mad at mad and called me out the next service. Humility does not exist in these pastors especially dealing with brothers and sisters in the church.

  14. Rev Bowers we will definitely keep you in prayer. And yes i believe that its very important you keep this site up. I just want everyone to know that since my wife and i left hopcc God has blessed us greatly. They took my car and everything away. But God has been there all along, first of all id like to say that i now have my daughter with me!!! Something denis n hid false preachers never helped me with!! But the Lord stood by my side. My wife and i got our own car under our own name so we arent building other peoples credit up anymore we are builiding our own. In fact the car is better than what i had in hopcc, God blessed us with and Infiniti M45. An d finally we have our own house that is beautiful and that we picked !!! No one told us were to live LOL. I want to let all know that my wif and i are still serving the Lord!!! We arent in sin or havent backslided the way house of prayer says people do when they leave. In fact weve been in contact with many bros and sis that are still stuck in hopcc and shown them the recording of denis and all his true colors and they are seeing the truth. We are praying for you that are still there and i hope you make the right choice to leave before its to late. God is no longer there in that abusive cult and you all know exactly what im talking about. Im attending another bible school . Im still answering the call to preach in fact im preaching the word here in our new church and we fear the Lord so dont believ the lies that if u leave u become a sinner ITS NOT TRUE . Leaving was the greatest thing we did and i now an growing with my wife spiritually in great ways. !!! I pray you guys leave that cult and experience your OWN walk WITH GOD!!!

    • Brother that’s an awesome testimony! When we first got the call we entered into the battle with you and God is the Victor! He always has been and always will be. So glad you and your wife are FREE!

  15. I had some comments up here about the official HOPCC site, but when the other site went down, unfortunately so did all of the newer comments. However, I now have some more information for you. Not even Denis can deny that he authorized their web site.

    The following link clearly shows plain as day that John Rodriguez; you know, the bass player in Hinesville, the treasurer, PHP adviser… anyways, here’s the link:

    All I have to say is Denis is a lying, cheating, false prophet and a HYPOCRITE! People, now you see the real reason why he doesn’t want you on the internet, and why he told everyone that it’s gossip. Well, it’s not just because of my site, although that plays a big part in it, but it looks like he left out the fact that they are currently running one, two, three, NO! four sites of their own. And on top of all of this, the dogs had the nerve to take my “HOPCC-lies” and “A new hope” and use it as their own. Once again, nothing original ever comes out of their ministry.

  16. The March 2014 Fellowship Meeting in Hinesville was evident that the Holy Ghost has departed from HOPCC/PHP. The Holy Ghost was talked about, song (or rapped) about and even preached about. You can do all of that and still be missing the Power thereof. Denis started rapping about Holy Ghost revival and yes I say rapping because that is exactly what is sounds like. Someone repeating “Holy Ghost” a million times like a broken record is not the Spirit of God.

    Denis claims that God speaks to him all the time. We already know God loves us because the bible declares that in John 3:16. Anybody remember that conference where Denis said he saw God and then he said “It’s none of your business” pertaining to what God looks like?

    As far as I am concerned, there were only two people that saw God that walked the earth, Jesus (of course) and Moses seeing God’s back parts. Neither of these two men never exploited or extorted the God’s people or the church for money though real estate, bible school, etc. The VA education benefits that the brothers and sisters for the bible school goes to the bible school FIRST and not the student. So it is possible that the students may never see any of the GI Bill/Post 911 benefits. Rev. Forbes (pastor in the St. Louis church) preached about the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. He only got as far as the speaking in tongues. We know that by reading the book of Acts that the Holy Ghost goes way beyond just tongues as I Cor 12 tells us. When you have a church that is being treated like a “bottom line business”, the Holy Ghost departs and finds another church down the street.

    • He actually has to say the same thing over and over again because he is not getting anything from God and that is very evident. So Denis saw God? Wow so God must have told him to kick us out? I think not. It’s interesting to note that right before he kicked us out I heard God’s voice as clear as day and he said “They Came To PUSH YOU OUT!
      The word “THEY” denotes more than one person, and who was their during this whole set-up? Denis and Pilkington. The word “PUSH” means to press upon or against with “FORCE,” (is that what they mean by prayer force?) in order to move it away; thrust, bully etc. So God told Denis to kick us out for no reason, then years later, he shows himself to the apostate? Is that why he tried to call us? So you mean to tell me that this is the same God were talking about?

      Denis could not have been rapping (sarcasm here) because he actually put a sister on the spot, while fellowshipping at his house, because she used to rap as a sinner. And he did it in front of everyone and made the excuse, “I have known her for a long time,” but that does not give you the right to disrespect her and bring up her past when Jesus forgave her. Everyone knows this is a true story because it happened at his house during fellowship and everyone knows who this sister is.

      Here are some accounts of men who saw God in the bible:

      Exodus 24:9-11) – “Then Moses went up with Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, 10: And they saw the God of Israel; And they saw the God of Israel: and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in his clearness. 11: And upon the nobles of the children of Israel he laid not his hand: also they saw God, and did eat and drink.

      GENESIS 17.1: And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am the Almighty God: walk before me, and be thou perfect, (blameless).

      Last but not least one of my favorites is:
      Revelation 1:17: And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as DEAD. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear Not: I Am the first and the Last.
      There was always a change anytime someone saw God, Denis has never changed, therefore he has never seen God!

    • Hilarious! God spoke to Ron Dennis?!!!

      The fact he even makes that claim shows how highly he thinks of him self. It should be an insult to all H.O.P.C.C members, cause what he’s actually saying is “You’re a bunch of SUCKERS for giving me all your TIME and MONEY and I can tell you WEAK minded SHEEP anything and you’ll believe it” I bet he’s laughing it up with his other money making cronies at the top of H.O.P. He’s become the jerk in a bad relationship. The more you give this person the bigger jerk they become And someone’s bound to get hurt and it not the jerk. The only way to beat him is to stop feeding his ego. Put your money in YOUR own bank accounts and let’s all find another church and keep shining the light on Darkness (Dennis).

    • Sir, I firmly believe that Denis actually saw God Himself. Let me correct that punctuation error; he saw God, as himself. He thinks he’s god, so more than likely he was just looking at his own reflection on his nice shinny SUV that the brothers (paid for) just cleaned and waxed. So he saw God face to face, and the effects were; he stayed a lying, swindling crook! That doesn’t sound like anyone who had an encounter with God face to face. Maybe that’s the time when God told him to be “A great big meanie.” Moses saw the burning bush and was in awe when it spoke to him. But Denis sees God face to face and…What! If Denis saw the bush burning, he would take credit for it.

      • Thanks for clarifying what Denis really saw cause that’s the only explaination that makes sense.
        Denis is without a doubt the worst example of a Christian I’ve ever seen and he has no business speaking for God or about God, in my opinion. And if there’s anyone who should remain silent in Church or in life it should be Denis or maybe not cause the more he runs his mouth the more harm he seems to do to him self and it would be a blessing to watch him self inflict the down fall of his own corrupted disorganization.

  17. I never would have believed this website had any truth to it if I didn’t see it for myself, cause it’s hard to believe people can be so easily brainwashed. All you need is a little common sense to figure out the way these two cults operate. I know a few people who are so dedicated to HOP they have made it there life’s mission. It’s almost like there selling HOP instead of sharing the Gospel ofJesus Christ. You would think that all the time they spend soul wining for Hop the church would be growing bigger and bigger but it doesn’t seem to be bearing fruit. With that said one would have to come to the conclusion that maybe Jesus isn’t on board cause if he was you would see this Church grow and have a church building of there own.

    • Sad but true when they get you when your young they will brain wash you. Most of them do have common sense but they refuse to use it because of this so called fear of disobeying the man of God. They are disobeying him anyway because they are not doing everything he tells them so they may as well put that common sense to work and wake up and get out of there.
      One of the reasons the church is not and will not grow is noted in scripture:

      John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
      So they are not in him and therefore they can’t do nothing. It is also noted in scripture one of the causes of this:
      1 John 3:15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a Murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.
      From what I have seen and from personal experiences and observations, this scripture applies to Denis, Pilkington, Figueroa, Virgo, Heitzman, Schmidtka, Bradeen, Robertson and Derby.

  18. I Went to church at hop and now after reading this stuff, it seems crazy to buy into the lies. The Pestor (lol) told me I wasn’t a Christian and he could get me to heaven. But I always thought I was a Christian and now started to think I wasn’t and became confused and depressed. Listening to the Paster preach on being holy and righteous (self righteous) made me believe I wasn’t cutting it with God. In fact it caused a lot of doubt in me and I felt separated from God like I had to fight to be holy all by myself. The Pastor was like my trainer before a big fight telling me you can do it (be holy) and when I realized I couldn’t after getting beat down in my normal day to day life I wanted to give up. I wanted God in my life and this Pastor can get me to heaven??? I think that’s how they get control of some people but I realized that the Pastor can’t get me to heaven only Jesus can! And all those rules and regulations that are inflicted on those poor service men are nothing but a big scam! I can’t believe how gullible some people can be even when it so obvious what’s going on. I wish i could convince some of them to man up and move out on there own and stop letting Pesters treat you like children. But it’s useless I’ve tried!

  19. One of the ministers asked my brother Nicholas a question: Are Rev. & Sis. Bowers still together? Of course we are. Our marriage was not put together by the church or by a man but it was put together by God. Here is what the bible has to say about it: Mark 10:9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (The word “Put” means separate). So any man, no matter what he calls himself; who tries to put any marriage asunder is not of God!

  20. Rev. Bowers, I am so sorry you & your wife were abused by these evil people posing as ministers of the gospel. What shame and sham these filthy people are. May God continue to help and guide you, to help others open their eyes. I know a couple, who were wronged by the Denis in this real-estate scheme. I also know some people who were approached by the Hoppers inviting them to church. They would not leave them alone, so I told them to tell them that I said to back off. Because I know what they’re all about and I told them they were a cult of manipulation under the disguise of “Christianity”. They are not “Christians”, they steal away your liberty in Christ and place a heavy cross for you to bare. We left NTCC in 2007 I was there for 32 yrs and saw the mental abuse, manipulation tactics put into use. Then when Ron Denis was elevated into a position, I began to see his manipulation tactics used towards other ministers. Ron Denis is a liar, and back stabber. He turns people against one another and then sits back and watches the outcome. It usually ends in his favor so he gains more control. He loves the power he has over people, and people are afraid of him. Believe me a man does not have power over you, unless you give it to him. People wake up, if a man controls where you live, who you visit, and demands you ask permission for everything concerning your life and family you better run away from him as far as you can! This is advice from me who’s been there, witnessed with my eyes and ears. They are not of God, they are task masters!! God bless you and may the Lord continue to bring joy,happiness, and restoration to your souls as He has done for me!

    • Wow sister, bless your heart, 32 years in NTCC! that’s a long time. I could only imagine the things that you all went through, have seen, been told. Thank you for commenting on here, hitting the nail on the head and reinforcing the point that Denis has been and always will be a manipulative, back stabbing, power crazed individual. People, this is from someone who saw his antics since conception in NTCC; and the truth is that he hasn’t stopped manipulating and blaming people for his mistakes.
      We were actually talking about that this morning, how that when it all blows up, Denis will escape for his life, with all the cronies taking the brunt of the explosion. Once again, someone else sees this man as a “Task master,” just like Pharaoh. Many will say, “Lord Lord,” but God will tell them to depart for they bear the mark of iniquity.

  21. Louis said:

    “Focus on pleasing and loving the Lord with all your heart and mind and pray for each and every man and woman from the churches that you once were a member.”

    DNA said:

    It’s also very important to expose those who are using their position of trust to abuse others. Jesus exposed the hypocrites and never backed down from warning them. He actually called the Pharisees a bunch of snakes. The apostles and early Christians also did the same and were persecuted for it. As Christians our focus should be on love and pleasing the Lord, but we should not be ignorant or silent about those who are sinning against the saints. We should never allow these hirelings to lurk among the saints to destroy them without warning them. Nobody else is going to do it. Christianity doesn’t mean that we don’t have a spine or that we are not to stand up to these phony hypocrites. In fact, the more people who take a stand and call them out for their hypocrisy, the more awareness there will be of the abuse. When people start sharing their testimonies of how they were sinned against by people like Denis, others will follow. When a child was brave enough to come forward and share their experience with Sandusky, others followed, and soon their were enough to put him in jail for the rest of his life. He will never hurt another child in his life. Our goal should be to keep these hypocrites from hurting others and getting rich in the process. After all, they were our brothers and sisters and we still should care about them. Praying for them is a great way to help them, but if we ignore those who are taking advantage of them, then we are dead just like the body without the spirit according to James 2:26. Faith without works is dead. I’m not trying to be super spiritual here because you can apply this to all aspects of life. Hope is a great thing. Faith also, but you have to put wheels on your prayers and that involves actions that Jesus spoke about so often. If you love your neighbor as yourself it’s more than just words, there are actions involved in showing that love. If you love your brother or sister and you see that they in a burning building, you will want to wake them up and warn them that building is on fire, so they can get themselves and their families out in time, before it consumes them along with the rest of the occupants. It’s really that serious, and it’s really that bad in the NTCC and HOPCC. Peoples lives are being ruined and people are being destroyed, it’s really that bad, even though many don’t see it that way. Common human decency makes it hard to ignore.

    • Amen to that exposing the light on darkness and loving God and others is what it’s all about! Jesus is the light of the world and Ron Dennis is pure darkness. He might think he’s having his day and God is backing him up. But I believe he’s going down! With all the info being posted about him ruining families, marriages and life’s. It’s only a matter of time before he messes with the wrong person and gets what’s coming to him. The Bible says Vengeance is mine. I believe God is on the case but just hasn’t cracked that whip just yet,

  22. Let’s all turn to page 263 and sing that song, “He set me free,” ….because that’s about all that you can do; is just sing about it. I do believe there is a verse that reads; “He broke the bonds of prison for me….” so if He already broke the bonds, then why do people allow themselves to be bound again?
    “No freedom from my sorrow I felt….” Now that sounds like a HOPCC verse worth repeating. Anyway, let’s just sing the church anthem; “Lift up your heads of ye gates…..that the king Ron Denis shall come in, that the king Ron Denis shaaaaaaaaalllllllll come in. Heeee is the king of ignore me, who yells and screams like he’s miiighty, he is the king, he is the kiiiiing of boooring.” Sing it again….and again….and again, now one more time without the music. OK you may be seated; it’s time to take up the offering. All Christians pay tithe and give in offering, and even if you’re not a Christian, we’ll still take it. “Aren’t you glad for prayer forced?”
    Today we will be preaching from Mat. 25:11 “For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.” On the title of a message; “HOPCC official scripture.” It makes no since at all, after all the years of preaching that God will do this and that, and here you are, so broke you can’t even pay attention. After all the hyped up services with screaming and yelling, all night prayer meetings three times per week (foolishness), a pastor who knows every verse in the bible by heart, thousands of hours of soul wining, for what, just so you can still be spiritually and financially broke? Give me a break!

  23. I also remember driving down to Hinesville for the 4th of July. There was a brother named Travis who was a good friend. He was a ranger, I believe, and he had nice gun collection. He did some borderline crazy stuff, like manufacture home made grenades and we would go to isolated places and shoot guns, toss grenades. One time he tossed one in a lake and we all hit the ground and felt a big Thump. Shortly after that water started coming down. The concussion shot a bunch of water about 4 stories high. Pretty cool stuff if you are stuck in a cult and can never do much for fun.

    A lot of the guys in Servicemen’s Homes were deprived of normal lives and sometimes we would over compensate by doing crazy stuff. That night was no different. Travis had a Grenade simulator. It was just like a grenade in that the sound was very loud, and it simulated the noise and the force of a grenade without damaging anything. That night we went up on the rail road tracks behind the home and set off the grenade simulator and it was really loud and shook the ground. We ran back to the home and the brothers were having pop bottle rocket fights and throwing black cat fire crackers at each other. About this time the cops pulled up and we were forced to mellow out while they tried to sort things out. We had let ourselves in through the back door and the cops were at the front door. The Female cop was pretty hot (mad), and was demanding answers and trying to get Denis to confess that he knew who set off the Grenade simulator. We all were terrified that he was going to tell the truth, but he knew he was the responsible adult in charge of this fiasco. He knew what we did but he wasn’t about to let on to the cops that we had done that. That’s the way things worked in our cult. Denis played stupid and never answered any of the cops questions and we got off with a warning.

  24. Don here, Glad to see you are back up and running. I remember Ron Denis in the ntcc. He was just learning the ways of Davis back in those days. Before I left the ntcc, Davis was lifting up Denis on a pedestal. Later Denis would beat Davis at his own game and shortly after that, Davis was put on a shelf, for the most part and the rest of the ntcc began to start compromising all of the Davis standards that we once thought came from the very throne room of God.

    Denis is having his hay day but it looks like people are waking up in the HOPCC. Denis is a big time cult leader just like Davis. It’s all about the money and that’s it. He couldn’t care less about the souls or the people he uses as objects, and as long as he is profiting from them he will use them. I remember the Schmidtkes from Korea when they got married. Alex was a good friend and brother but he also thought he was part of the last move of God on earth and gave himself to the system that eventually turned him into part of the machine. His biological and technilogical distinctiveness was added to the collective. “Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is Futile!!!” That is what cults do to people.

    For some time we knew that Davis was an adulterer and many people had affirmed this. Recently some women who grew up in the ntcc have come forward and shared that they were sexually molested as minors in the ntcc by Davis. That is what cult leaders do, but everyone seems quite shocked and many are in a state of unbelief. I’m not saying that Denis has done the same thing because I never knew him well enough or spent enough time around him to recognize this, but a cult is the perfect place to hide the most disgusting sins. Davis surrounded himself with people like Denis, and for years they covered up his sins. Kekel and Olson both knew all of Davis’ dirty secrets and I’m sure others on the Executive Board did also. What I am saying is don’t be surprised if there are a lot of predators in the HOPCC, and don’t expect anyone in a leadership position to do anything about it either. If you have children and you attend this church, don’t let them out of your site, and if your child tells you that they were touched inappropriately or in a sexual way, you better listen to them and believe them. Don’t report it to the church officials because they are most likely part of the problem. Go straight to your local police station and report the perverts. Do not place the responsibility on your child. As a parent, you are solely responsible to God and your children to protect them. I’m serious about this because it happened way too much in the ntcc. Parents would not believe their children. Parents would go to Olson instead of the police and Olson would say that they needed to have three or more witnesses, as if a pedophile is going to commit his perverted sex crimes in front of someone else. Olson and Kekel were both told about Fontenot raping his daughter by the mother and she was told she needed to find another church while the pervert was allowed to stay and be around other children while hidden from law enforcement.

    Children are innocent victims. They are not responsible for some manipulative pervert violating them. If it happens to your children, it will ruin their lives. They will remember it for the rest of their lives and in many cases they will blame themselves. Being raised in a cult puts them at risk, because there is nowhere for them to turn for help. In most cases the parents don’t believe that their beloved church leader (cult leader) could possibly do something that horrible so they don’t believe their child. I’m sorry, but you better start listening to your children. I guarantee things are similar in the HOPCC. It’s closed off from the rest of the world and people only believe what they are taught. Denis is getting rich off of all the brainwashed cult members and he is not going to encourage anyone to go to the authorities and spill their guts.

    • Well sir, I guarantee you that most anyone you knew from earlier on in NTCC, they are not the same friendly, outgoing, person with a positive out look on life; especially if they are a pastor in HOPCC. Indeed things and people have changed for the worst. Here we are just trying to serve the Lord, and the church presented the biggest obstacle of our Christianity. As far as the children being abused in HOPCC….I believe it has already happened, in fact there was a case sometime back that was under investigation. Many of these poor members deem themselves spiritual because they pray “Three times a day,” when in fact they are far from even understanding the basics of Christianity; “Love, hope and newness of life. People like Denis all have one thing in common; “Cover-up-kings.”

      Think about this, Denis marries these ladies with several children from a previous engagement to a man who has lust problems, knows nothing about children, women, marriage, finances, and doesn’t even favor his wife to be. He’s going to favor one of the females in the house, if not his wife, then who? Not that everyone has a perverted mind, not saying that at all, but for those who already struggle with such things, it’s not going to be good. In a church that left God as their first love, sin is allowed to now run rampant in the church, affecting the members and clergy alike. Don’t be surprised to hear about adulterous cases in the future with HOPCC, if they haven’t happened already and been covered up, just like the molestation. God help us all, we will continue to pray for the children that God will protect them from such things, liberate them from the church instead of getting married ASAP when they come of age.

      I’ve also already seen the spirit of homosexuality come in the Killeen church years ago; the sisters would sit on each others laps in the church foyer and during times of fellowship. It started when a woman with that same spirit came several weeks, and it quickly rubbed off on many of the sisters, perhaps unawares, but nonetheless, it was there and lingered cause the pastor was too busy doing other things instead of watching the sheep. And that will always be the case; the devil will have a hay day in any church that is not spiritually engaging God.

  25. Sir i have many questions. I got saved a couple of years ago and have since then moved once , here to hinesville. Ive seen alot and it seems like anyone and everyone is so afraid to stand up. I feel as though that if i stand up God will judge me. They say here and by they i mean the Ministers that if we come against them or this movement we are committing blaspheme. I love God and i know he took my sins away and i want to serve Him, but all that ever goes on here is people getting plowed up and stuff. I dont feel any love or care or concern from these preachers i feel as though i always gotta watch my back. Hearing how they kicked you guys out, and the Edwards ( i think thats there name the minister from california) is starting to make me wonder alot. They threw you guys out for no reason and thats not even biblical. It seems on the surface that all is well the radio broadcast the bible school and day school. But i know theres more to this than meets the eye. We want to leave but have no money. We have nothing its like we are stuck how do we survive .?? Also how do wr stand up to them? Will God judge me if i stand up to Rev Denis? Or bercini or robertson or bradeen? Sir we are seeing all the stuff! The services for the most part are dead and it’s usually a hype or work up and its crazy but i duno what to do please help.

  26. Whatever you do, don’t sign a lease with these people; all that does is obligate and keep you there while they leach your money away from you, all while putting you in substandard housing conditions, and or forcing you to pay too much. They will have you paying California economy (expensive) size rent for a place that should rent for a Texas economy (cheap). I’ve been renting for over twenty years and never signed a two year lease with anyone, and never signed a one year lease to live in an apartment; always month to month.
    Do what you need to do in order to separate yourself, then get away as far as you can. Don’t, I repeat, don’t sign a lease with these slumlord pastors, because you will regret it, and they will keep you, and make it so you get comfortable with living this way.
    They already tell you what to do with your money, where to go, who to marry, my goodness, where to to live; where does it stop? Even if you have a lease, as many do, personally I would just break it, because they told you to move there in the first place. How does that work anyways? Someone telling you where to live? You’re an adult, stop letting Denis and these pastors treat you like some child that doesn’t even have enough sense to find a place to rent and live.
    The worse part of this is that many of the members can actually live in a nicer place if they just move by themselves.
    Stop padding Denis’ “People hurting people” cause, break the locks that hold you bound. Stand up for what is right for once in your life, and move out of those stupid community housing projects they call serviceman’s homes, woman’s homes, and stop living in the same house as the pastor. Believe me the only benefactor in this is the pastor himself because now he has close tabs on you, gets your money and takes your livelihood. “He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake,”…………I’m telling you why, your pastor has a clause and he’s coming to your town.

  27. Wow. We are sorry to learn of all the evil stuff the two [b]organizations, ntcc and hopcc, put you through. Thankfully, you maintained your relationship with God and are turning the curse into a blessing by helping other people to be set free from the devices of those who twist God’s Word in order to make a buck! We are really impressed with your websites! And we want to encourage you to keep up your good work. As seen from the comments by “Joe”, you are already bearing fruit, helping others. And we know, from our experience, for every one that comments, there are hundreds more who only read. It’s all good. Whether they read or comment, the truth is getting out and people are leaving the abusive groups to serve God in Spirit and in Truth, the way He intended. :o)

    • Thank You for the comforting words of encouragement. We are indeed praying for these people and seeking the direction of God. Keep us in your prayers.

    • Unfortunately, this isn’t all of the “evil stuff,” there’s much much more. Over the next months I will be sharing all of it. It’s been tough sometimes, but thanks be to God who is rich in mercy. They really meant this for my total demise, but God turned it around. Though I must admit, I didn’t see the grand finale coming, but the Lord did. I’m just thankful that I got out before I was too old, with nothing. My objective will be to continue to love souls and help as many as I possibly can. I’m glad that you liked the sites, keep us in prayer. Thanks.

  28. Romans 12:19. I understand how you feel brother in regards to all of the pain that you have experienced but remember always that we serve God and not man. Focus on pleasing and loving the Lord with all your heart and mind and pray for each and every man and woman from the churches that you once were a member. May the Lord guide your every step and may the Lord bless you with strength, direction, peace and love to you and your family.

  29. I attended a service in San Diego and Ron Denis was visiting the church and your right he’s very mean and disrespectful. He was upset cause some lady was praying she was barely noticeable. But Denis the menace was speaking and he literally made a huge scene yelling and pestering the poor lady. Denis is a worthless human being with no class! He then called out the women’s husband and told him to control his women or get out of his church Denis is full of himself. But what I saw next blew my mind he asked for a show of hands concerning the character of the man he just throw out and like little brainwashed children they backed Dennis up by raising their hands. Are you serious! I started to notice how much control he had over these people it was like they were mesmerized by him it was a sick wake up call that this seemed like a cult not a church.

    • You know what’s crazy about this Joe, that man and lady were the associate pastor and his wife; and that would be their very last service with HOPCC. Denis came to kick them out, just as he did my wife and I. Even though I wasn’t there that day, I totally believe you because it’s identical to the account that the reverend told me. Sir, do yourself a favor, don’t return to that church. If anyone continues to pester you about attending, just ask them if they know the “Bowers,” and relate to them what you have read on this site. I really hope you find a good church elsewhere, don’t stop searching.

      • I do believe good people do attend hopcc in San Diego. I really like some of the people there and the pastor seems knowledgeable and always encourages people to pray pray pray which is great. But sometimes it seems like their something else going on and I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s just me but all the men talk the same and all the women seem upset and unapproachable. I was invited to a bible study and sat down only to be told that I was sitting in the women’s section of the room that seemed strange. I also found it strange how the women were treated like maid servants and could not sit and eat till the men were done. I guess ladies and young children first don’t apply. I believe the people warning us of all the rules and regulations this church requires are true. Condemning and controlling maybe the way this church operates (maybe) but you can’t let anyone control, manipulate or take advantage of you unless we let them at least that’s what I thought. I needed conformation that I wasn’t crazy in my views on this church. And that’s what led me here, to see if it was me over thinking everything, or are my suspicions correct. I prayed to God to see if this was the church for me and that was the night before Ron Dennis made a menacing scene by kicking people out of Gods house on a Sunday worship service. Wow that’s crazy only the devil would kick people out of Church. I’ve been back a few times since cause I consider some members friendly and nice. But it’s hard for me to overlook some of the obvious things I see and one of the major set backs I keep grappling with is Ron Dennis and his control over those people who saw him throw two people out of church and then preach about Three Hebrew lads. Looking around the room that day seeing smiles on their faces and looking at him like a God or a King made me wanna puke it was so bad I walked out. Thanks for your reply and I will take your advice and search for another church. And I will tell others about this website. I hope and wish you all the best and God bless.

  30. I am so happy to see you writing and sharing your experience! I was “In’ ntcc from 1997 – 2011. I had a hard time leaving. I left alone and beaten down. BUT let me tell you, when I finally started writing and sharing, I became empowered in a healthy way! I began to get a voice. I began to heal. It is a wonderful thing that you two are doing. I pray your work here will help reach someone. The blogs on ntcc have helped and even mine have helped a few. Keep the faith and keep up the great work! I’ll be adding your pages to my blogspot.

    • Thank you for your comment, it is good to hear that you have found healing in your life. It strengthens me to know that others have overcome, while in the midst of being overwhelmed. I’m so glad that you didn’t come over to the HOPCC side afterwards. Thank you for the support, please continue to pray for us, and the churches so that God will liberate them.

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